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The Last Mile Connectivity in Education

July 25, 2022
The only constant thing in this universe is change. Therefore, the first step towards progress is acceptance of the fact and adaptation to this omnipresent change.  Like all other areas, education has evolved dramatically over the last centuries – from gurukuls to blackboards and computers.  For centuries, formal classroom or curriculum-based learning has been the accepted method of educating young minds. Even though schools are overcrowded with a single teacher handling about 30 students using outdated training methods, technology is considered an add-on. Most importantly, even after completing their education, most students do not have adequate skills to earn money.  So, how do we achieve the last mile connectivity in education, enabling students to enter the professional world confidently?  How do we convince schools, teachers, parents, and students to adapt to new forms of teaching and learning?   Firstly, teachers need to know that education has gone beyond the four walls of academic institutions and has become global. They need to adapt to the new methods, which are more in line with today’s fast-changing economy and nature of businesses and jobs.  Virtual classrooms are indeed the need of the hour. They help bridge the technological gap and allow students and teachers to connect more efficiently.  Technology is currently changing the whole education system by facilitating new techniques. The new techniques are very efficient and enable students to gain comprehensive knowledge and develop new ideas.   How are virtual classrooms making a difference? 
  • Virtual classes are changing the way a student arms himself academically to pursue his or her career. To accept the new norm, parents need to be aware of the benefits of online education. 
  • Students can gain access to quality education from any place at any time. 
  • Commuting time from home to school is saved. It also saves costs. 
  • The time saved can be invested by students in pursuing their passion, hobbies, or other activities of their interests. 
  • Online education has removed the geographical barriers. Students can pursue the courses of their choice from any part of the world. This is a great advantage as students can now learn about different things from around the globe and upskill themselves.  
  • Students and teachers gain a lot through face-to-face interaction, as the expert faculty helps clear all the doubts. Also, teachers can gauge those areas that require more attention and help each student accordingly. This helps overcome their fear of exams. 
  • Students can study at their own pace as per their ability to understand things. This makes students more confident and receptive to learning as time-bound pressure is removed. 
  • Parents are more involved in their child’s learning and development. They can gauge their child’s progress on a daily basis and keep a check on the completion of assignments. 
  • Parents have the option of participating in fun activities with their child. It helps them strengthen their bond with their child. 
  • Students can learn various things and acquire skills that can help them earn money or become self-employed. Some of these skills are creative writing, public speaking, practical mathematics, analysis, music, fine art, life skills, wellness. In addition, the presence of expert mentors on different platforms makes the students ready to enter the professional world confidently. 
  • Virtual schools also make it possible for the student to learn in a safe and hygienic environment which is imperative in the present situation. 
Conclusion  Learning the topics deeply to solve real-life situations, learning critical skills like creativity, communication, human values of compassion, ethical behavior, and positivity broadens the circle of knowledge and facilitates overall development.  Teachze is the first fully online coaching institute in India. Its motto is to provide students preparing for competitive exams with quality materials.  The essential instruments required for this superior learning mode are necessary software and hardware and a strong internet connection.  After successful enrolment, Teachze mindfully hands out a tablet with the necessary software to the student. There are ample study materials for students preparing for entrance examinations like JEE or NEET or professional courses like CA, CMA, or CS.   Eric Butterworth once stated, “Don’t go through life; grow through life.” The statement is valid in every field. Online education has enabled students to learn different things and acquire new skills. Hard work and constant upskilling can surely pave the way to success.