CE Test Series

Teachze CE Test Series

  • Planned in a systematic and organized way.
  • Cover all the aspects and complete syllabus.
  • Give a detailed Analysis of student’s test result.
  • Provide relevant solution to each question.
  • Builds Problem solving speed in exams with Series of specially designed Chapter test and Subject test.
  • Analyze errors with step by step self-explanatory solution provided in answer key.
  • Structured Practice with practice sheets, formulae sheet and study cards.
  • Doubt clearance through video chat.

The result analysis would show the students topic wise strength and weakness. This will enable them to prepare better for the Competitive Examinations.

Performance analysis report

  • Score card (Overall score & rank, Subject score & rank, Percentage)
  • Question wise report (Summary attempted, un-attempted, correct & incorrect)
  • Chapter wise report (Strength & weakness, competent area)
  • Subject Wise report (summarized after each concept test)
  • Difficulty level report (tough, medium & easy)
  • Progression Graph (efforts)

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