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Our Learning Management System will enable

Distance learning

Learn from any location – no geographical boundary for learning. Our Teachers are equipped with the technological tools to deliver classes at your location.

Live and Interactive Classes

The class sessions will be live and interactive in nature.

Video Library

All the regular class sessions would be available as a video for future reference for the students. This will help the students to revisit the entire class session.

Online Sessions and Assessment

All the tests and assessments will be in the on-line mode through our Question Paper Generator. This will deliver instant result and provide analytics on the performance of the student for a single test and also the series of tests taken by the student.

Online Library

A repository of content will be available for the students to use at the time of their convenience.

Discussion Forum

To facilitate conceptual understanding Discussion forum would be used and the students would be asked to participate. There will be a guided discussion by the faculty to enable peer to peer learning.

Doubt Board

Doubt clearing channel for the students.

Structured Practice

Each chapter is designed in such a way that the students would have series of tests and assignments to practice.


Dashboard for Students and Teachers. Parents will get automated notifications on the attendance of the students and other academic related information.

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