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The Need for Live & Online Coaching Institutions After the Pandemic

July 28, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic forced students and educators to quickly adapt to an online mode of education, exposing the many gaps in the nation’s educational crisis preparedness. Somewhere between haphazard management and success stories of e-learning, the pandemic raised several questions about the value of learning from home. Before the pandemic, online and live coaching classes were seen as the “Plan B,” relevant only when in-person classes could not take place. But with rising uncertainty about infectious diseases, several travel restrictions, and families gradually realizing the benefits of educating children from home, online and live coaching are gaining more attention worldwide as valuable alternatives to in-person classes. 


Let us explore some merits of online and live coaching classes: 


  1. Efficient time management


As educators and the students do not require commuting to different places, several hours are saved. This allows efficient use of time to prepare for exams. Educators have more time to prepare lessons, materials with a rested mind. At the same time, students have extra time to prepare their answers, read in advance, and approach their classes with a relaxed, clear-headed state. No time is wasted on the roads in frustrating traffic jams or due to bad weather. 


  1. Catering to aspirations of students from across the country


Access to high-quality education is often dependent on a student’s physical address and geographical reach. Live and online coaching have not only promoted students from different parts of the country to attend these classes, but they have also made a level playing field that fairly caters to students from semi-urban and rural areas. A student living outside a major metropolitan center now requires a reliable Wi-Fi connection to access high-quality materials and resources. Previously, students from all over the country took the same national examinations like JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, etc., with different levels of preparation. Virtual classrooms have bridged this gap and made education more equitable. 


  1. Easier to accommodate students with physical and learning disabilities


The needs of students with physical and learning disabilities often tend to be forgotten in the educational reforms. Online and live coaching make it easier to employ cutting-edge tools like shared whiteboards to collaborate, record lectures according to the student’s convenience. Many other methodologies involved in this system of education make complex concepts much easier to understand. Thus, an online mode of delivery enhances the educational experience, making it equal for students who have different learning styles or suffer from disabilities that hinder their success. Similarly, many schools were not sufficiently equipped to accommodate students with physical disabilities. A tremendous amount of care and supervision is required to ensure proper learning for such students. Virtual classrooms give them a fair chance to study alongside their peers without any challenges or biases. 


  1. Home tuitions made easy with live and online coaching 


Before the pandemic, when e-learning was not the norm, students would join after-school coaching classes to prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc. Unfortunately, these coaching classes would often create an atmosphere similar to their schools where they couldn’t access personalized resources and faced unhealthy competition. With e-learning methods, home tuitions are becoming more effective as they provide students with flexibility, comfort, personalization, and ample time to work on complex problems. In addition, these live online home tuitions can enrich each student’s experience by addressing their unique style of thinking and answering questions.  


These are a few ways online and live coaching creates a fair and engaging learning environment for students. Although e-learning gained worldwide attention due to the pandemic, its distinct merits have exposed several possibilities in the future. Ultimately, education should not leave anyone behind. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for learners. Each student has a unique set of requirements. 


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