How it works?

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How does it Works?

All the Coaching Classes from TeachZe will be Live and Interactive sessions through our specifically designed Learning Management System Portal. The schedule of classes will be provided and the students are expected to log in to the class at their designated time. Our Expert Faculty will deliver the class and will clear doubts raised by the student. The class sessions will be bilingual in delivery with English and the Vernacular Language (Tamil in Tamil Nadu) as a medium of instruction. Recorded classes and supportive videos will be available for students to learn at their own pace.

We will be providing every student with a Tablet to attend the TeachZe sessions which will be inbuilt with Data Card, Camera and a Head Phone. More so, we will also pay the data charges for the student during the periodicity of the course.

TeachZe will administer tests and assignments through this portal and will provide detailed results of the tests. With the detailed results the student can understand their strength, weakness & competent area of the various Chapters and Topics in their subjects.

All these will be available on an easy to handle portal and be accessible from Tablets, Desk Tops & Laptops at an affordable price.

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