Our Team of Faculty Members

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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Teachze intends to replicate the brick and mortar class experience over the internet. This EdTech venture combines the expertise of three enthusiastic domain experts. Santosh Kumar, Dinesh Kumar and Joshi Kumar drive the technology behind 21K.
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Our Faculty Members

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Ms. Rajaswathi

M. Sc in Chemistry,


3 years of experience in Teaching Chemistry

Mr. Chandramouli

M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed in Physics


7 years of Experience in Senior Secondary Teaching of CBSE & TN SBSE Received Award 3 times in Environmental Science and Engineering and 4 times in Engineering Chemistry I & II for producing above 90 % results in University Exams."

Ms. Janathul Bradhavus

M.Sc, B.Ed in Mathematics


Excellent Maths teacher award Experienced in training aspirants of Various Competitive exams through various online Platform.

Ms. Nachammai

B.Sc, B.Ed in Biology


16 years of experience in teaching CBSE AND TN SBSE curriculum. Expert in Instruction and achieving the Leaning outcome among students. "

Mr. Narendraran K

M.Sc, B.Ed


8 Years of Experience in Teaching in Various Boards

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